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Community Bible Reading

Community Bible Reading is a daily Bible reading pattern that allows you to read an Old & New Testament passage each week day and a Psalm on Saturday. Join us in reading the word each day.

Community Bible Reading

Spotify Playlist

Our worship is a mixture of contemporary and traditional songs. To hear some of our favorite songs, navigate to our Spotify playlist.

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Covenantal Baptism

At Central Hope, we will baptize both new Christians, as well as the children of Christians. If you would like to know more about this, we encourage you to read the book Covenantal Baptism by Jason Helopoulos.

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Parenting In The Pew

This is a book from a speaker and author we love and admire, Dr. Robbie Castleman! She gives practical tips on helping kids love to participate in worship on Sunday mornings.

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Our blog is a place to find additional resources and perspectives.

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Presbyterianism 101

Not sure what this “Presbyterian” thing is all about? Join Wilson VanHooser and Jay Bruce, PCA pastors, to learn more about what makes Presbyterianism biblical, relatable, and protective for both pastors and congregations.

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