In Community with God and His People



Because of Jesus, God welcomes you into relationship with Him, and we welcome you into our family. That's what we are at Central Hope-- a family of believers longing to Be Loved and Love in Little Rock. At Central hope, your life and your city will be transformed with the hope of Jesus.

Find Hope

Brokenness and sin do not have the last word on your life. Hope’s voice is louder.

Find Faith

The world screams for you to do more and to do it right. Rest in faith.

Find Love

Loneliness is a liar. You really can be loved and love in a truthful, way.

Weekly worship is a vital rhythm of transformation where we connect with God and each other.

SUNDAYS | 10 AM | 1501 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR

Ashley Nabors
Ashley Nabors

“I love Central Hope because I feel genuinely loved and cared for by this community. I’m consistently challenged and encouraged, and I absolutely love the mission.” 

Kate Buchanan
Kate Buchanan

“Central Hope is a breath of fresh air for our family. From the minute we walk in to the minute we leave, our entire family is loved on and cared for. The people here truly love and serve in a way that shows God’s amazing love for us.” 

John Mark Adkison
John Mark Adkison

“I was immediately welcomed and felt right at home- and that feeling has only gotten stronger. Here you’ll find a family of believers who don’t know how to be shy.”